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      Empusae & Klankdal
      "Split "

      Label: Consouling Sounds (2016)

      It has become a yearly tradition that during the ‘Gentse Feesten’ (the Ghent City Festival) Consouling Store and Wool-E Shop join forces and become the Con-Wool-E-Store.
      Both enterprises also release and promote music, and also try to find occasions to collaborate. Consouling Sounds and Wool-E Tapes for instance released a split cassette between Monnik and Onrust last ‘Gentse Feesten’. This year, something similar is in the pipe line. Something similar but not quite the same, as we’re very excited to announce the inaugural release of Wool-E Discs. That’s right, besides the cassette label, Wool-E branches out and also will release on the cd format under the Wool-E Discs imprint.

      For this year’s collaboration between Consouling Sounds and Wool-E Discs, both labels have carefully selected two artists that excel in their own field, and also work really well together as a whole on one disc.
      Consouling Sounds has asked Empusae to partake in the split release, and we couldn’t be more happy he agreed. Empusae is the moniker of Nicolas ‘Sal Ocin’ Van Meirghaege. He has built on an impressive back catalogue of organic, ritual, electro-acoustic, ambient, doom and post-industrial soundtracks. Ticks about all the boxes as far as Consouling Sounds is concerned, so it was just a matter of time before our paths crossed. With these phenomenal three original tracks contributed to this split release, Consouling Sounds is incredibly proud to introduce this prolific and celebrated artist to the Consouling roster. You can count on it this won’t be the last you’ll hear from Empusae on Consouling Sounds.

      Wool-E Discs invited Klankdal to the split release, and they graciously accepted. This duo, consisting of Sebastian Crusener and Glenn Dick, works magic with guitar manipulations and field recordings, which results in both captivating and ominous soundscapes. Klankdal already released the critically acclaimed cassette “Nachtkarkassen” on Wool-E Tapes, and are now taking the next step together by contributing the live recording of their intense set at the legendary Logos Foundation on the third of May of 2016. This recording doesn’t only display the sheer force of their minimalist approach to soundscaping, but it also demonstrates this duo is able to create a completely immersive experience in a live setting. It truly shows Klankdal on the top of their live game, and thanks to this split album you’re invited to take part in this sinister mind trip.

    dkk 120/eur 16