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Frontline Assembly
Wake up The Coma
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      Funker Vogt

      Label: Synthetic Symphony
      Undertaking to diversify sound structures overall "Aviator" still relies on the fast beat-driven rhythms and sequences Funker Vogt are renown for but these are further enhanced with more emphasis given to well placed sounds and samples making "Aviator" a much more pronounced album. "AviatorÂ’s" club tracks ("City Of Darkness", "Paralyzed", "Thanatophobia", "One" and "My Fortune") come across as fresher and more aggressive than ever cementing Funker Vogt's updated Electro sound for 2007... Please note this Limited Edition version of the new Funker Vogt album "Aviator" comes with 2 exclusive tracks on the CD a bonus 9 track DVD.

    dkk 120/eur 16