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Lights Of Euphoria
Altered Voices
Zero One Seven
Frame Of Mind
Return From The World´s End
Only Melodies Remain
Christoph Schaue
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      "Butcher´s Coin "

      Label: Manic Depression Records (2018)

      Traitrs are a Toronto-based band comprised of Sean-Patrick Nolan and Shawn Tucker – lng-time friends, the pair formed as Traitrs in mid-2015. Initially conceived primarily as a recording project,
      They rapidly amassed a collection of demos that caught the attention of Toronto producer Josh Korody (Dilly Dally, Beliefs, Moon King, Fu*ked Up), and began working with him during sessions at his Candle Studios in January of 2016. With Korody's guidance the band set about expanding their sound, adding textural depth to their arrangements and weight to their rhythm section, trans-forming their stripped-down home recordings into a collection of propulsive, goth-influenced post- punk that immediately recalls acts like Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus and Pornography-era Cure.
      Their European debut on ALCHERA VISIONS ‘Rites and Ritual’ was an instant success! .
      A1 Pale A2 Thin Flesh A3 The Suffering of Spiders A4 Skinning A5 Omen
      B1 The Lovely Wounded B2 I sit and watch the Worm beneath My Nail
      B3 Still from her Sores B4 Window from the old House

    dkk 120/eur 16