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KIrlian Camera
Hologram Moon -
KIrlian Camera
Hologram Moon
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Rise To Conquer
Hall Of Thatch
Death In Rome
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Für Immer
Lionhearts (Seabound)
Brother Death


    Memories have been a steady companion of NamNamBulu from their very start until now. No wonder the song „Memories“ has been the „kick off“ for a strong career in the synth pop / future pop scene for Hernik Iversen and Vasi Vallis. With the release of „Remind“ the band now launches a fully packed double CD with the legendary „Memories“ ltd. edition, the hard to find „Blinded“ E.P. and the follow up release „Expansion“. But that’s not all, sound wizzard Vasi Vallis did manage to fully reconstruct their clubhits „Faces“ and „Zeit“ to give them a new modern and up to date sound. Two CDs for the price of one expanded with unreleased material and stylish artwork. Our first „must have“ for 2018 for all fans of synth pop and future pop!


    01 Now or Never
    02 Ignorance
    03 Surviving
    04 Guardian Angel
    05 Trapped
    06 Nightmares
    07 Now or Never (Reconstructed)
    08 Beaten (V.2.0)
    09 Surviving (Outdated)
    10 Ignorance (Perceive Mix)
    11 Trapped (Unplugged)
    12 Faces 2017


    01 Memories (Club Mix)
    02 Memories (By Disconnected)
    03 Memories (By Vox Celesta)
    04 Memories (By Kartagon)
    05 Memories (By No Comment)
    06 Memories (By Pearls Of Dew)
    07 Memories (By Observe & Control)
    08 Faces
    09 Game
    10 Zeit
    11 Forgiving (feat. S.I.T.D.)
    12 Perspective
    13 Transcending
    14 Zeit 2017

dkk 120/eur 16