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Drab Majesty
The Demostration
Cold Showers
Cold Showers
Still Living In Caves
Stunde X
The Fall Of Man
KIrlian Camera
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      Displacer is the electronic project of Toronto-based musician Michael Morton who began his career on the 'pre-set - new electronic music' compilation (Mute records) in 2003. He released 3 albums on M-tronic and 3 on Tympanik Audio and established himself as a driving force in the world of modern dark electronic music.

      Utilizing an impressive backdrop of sounds, moods, and composition techniques since his first album, 'Foundation' brings the melodic ambient-oriented side of Displacer‘s broad reservoir of styles into focus. Analog electronic equipment, samples, field recordings and acoustic instrumentation have been used to generate highly emotive atmospheres. Friends in the music industry like Sekou Lumumba, Mark Spybey and Keef Baker have contributed to the sonic mixture. Each composition melds elaborated beatwork, dark basslines and haunting ambient spheres with a warm organic flood of emotive layers, tones and tempers. Click-hop, idm and saturnine ambient are interwoven with strong doses of experimental ingredients - a unique interpretation of meaningful post-industrialized beauty and melancholia. Proceed with the patience of repeated listening, it is definitely worth the emotional investment. In 6 panel digipak.

    dkk 120/eur 16