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      The New Division
      "Hidden Memories"

      Los Angeles based act The New Division presents their brand new album "Hiddden Memories". Ever since the start mastermind John Glenn Kunkel has steady built a big following worldwide with their dark and gloomy mix of electronic pop and post/indie-punk. The recording and production is as usual world class and stands way over the average electropop recordings.

      The band has played both at the well known Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig as well as the ever growing Progress Festival in Gothenburg. 2020 marks the start of a new decade. And for The New Division it's a decade setting the standard for dark gloomy electronic music to a brand new level. Progress Productions edition holds not less than 6 additional bonus tracks which is not included on any other edition.
      01. Clear
      02. Fascination
      03. Lost Life
      04. Modus
      05. Broken
      06. The Line
      07. Needs Are Denied
      08. Over
      09. Enough Is Enough
      10. Ride

      Bonustracks (Progress Productions edition):
      11. Glass Jaw
      12. Hope
      13. Tonight
      14. Worth It
      15. Bronson
      16. What It Feels Like

    dkk 120/eur 16