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Make Shift Splint
Requiem For The Hyperreal
Rabia Sorda
The World Ends Today
Lebanon Hanover
Let Them Be Alien
Lebanon Hanover
Let Them Be Alien
Ash Code
Suicide Commando
Death Will Find Us
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      Portion Control
      "Pure Form"

      Label: Other Sounds 2012
      Electronic dissonance for techno industrial pilgrims...’ Brand new album from influential UK hard electronic outfit credited as being the main inspiration for bands such as Front 242, Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails or Front Line Assembly – and many others. One hour’s worth of rhythmic pulses, swirling melodies and strident vocals, a complete sci-fi styled journey into future sound with some spine-tingling effects and a huge driving system-bending sound. Their most powerful recordings for some time with edgy wordplay and undeniably thumping beats awash with some heady electronic melodies.

    dkk 120/eur 16