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      "The Sick, Tired And Ill"

      Label: Freakwave Records (2021)

      On The Sick, Tired and Ill, the new 6-tracks EP from art post-punk duo TRAITRS, themes of physical and mental illness, displacement and detachment run throughout.
      The first of two releases this year finds the Canadian band working once again with longtime producer and collaborator Josh Korody along with mastering done by industry veteran Pete Maher (U2, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails etc).
      While the pandemic delayed recording sessions for several months, continuing the theme of disruption and displacement, TRAITRS used the downtime to write more and soon found
      that they had more songs and directions than there was time for.
      “We were left with a lot of songs that we still loved but they no longer matched the fully developed vision of our new record,” writes lead singer Shawn Tucker.
      The 6 songs on this EP give passing glances of the many stylistic and experimental directions TRAITRS
      toyed with moving towards in the last 24 months. Lyrical themes of lost time, disembodiment and feeling ill at ease within your own skin run throughout the songs on “The Sick, Tired and Ill”. “With the current lockdowns and isolation,
      it feels like we’re all living in the space between existing and not existing,” writes synth
      player and programmer Sean-Patrick Nolan.
      “The songs on the EP went through a similar process: at different times they helped us shape and understand the new record until suddenly they lost their place.”
      “The Sick, Tired and Ill” comes out on July 2 2021 on Freakwave Records.
      A1 Magdalene
      A2 Sweet Home
      A3 In Paintings I know the Killing Place
      B1 Burn to the Sun
      B2 Eat the Glass of a Dying Heart
      B3 The Darkling Thrush

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