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      "Torching Utopia"

      With album releases such as „Safe from Harm“ or „Misanthropy“, Johan Hanson was able to establish himself in the futurepop/electropop world. The sweden based musician combines catchy melodies with his remarkable voice creating songs full of emotion and depth! „Torching Utopia“ makes one of Johans personal dreams come true to get Reagan Jones (of US band „Iris“) as guest vocalist for his song „Frightful“. Three new songs and five remixes are the content of this great new limited e.p. release. The CD is limited to only 333 hand numbered copies worldwide! Besides the title song „Torching Utopia“ you find the above mentioned song „Frightful“ as well as great remixes by „Kant Kino“ and „Electrovot“ and another unreleased song entitled „Dystopia“.


      01 Torching Utopia
      02 Frightful (Mechatronic Remix feat. Reagan Jones)
      03 Torching Utopia (Kant Kino Remix)
      04 Torching Utopia (Machinista Remix)
      05 Torching Utopia (R3werKK by Trakktor)
      06 Torching Utopia (Electrovot Remix)
      07 Torching Utopia (Nachmahd remix)
      08 Dystopia

    dkk 70/eur 9