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Suicide Commando
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      Avarice In Audio
      "From The Rib Of Adam"

      For fans of AESTHETIC PERFECTION, SKINNY PUPPY, FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY or yet PROJECT PITCHFORK, “From the Rib of Adam” is the most heart-baring release to date from
      the Australian trio.
      Originally initiated as a concept album based on “The Divine Comedy” by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri, this new album has since then undergone a slight overhaul in both theme and sound, but not forgetting Dante’s writings. “From The Rib Of Adam” is a fitting return to form for the trio, playing on each members strengths and building on one another to achieve a sound that is both beautiful and melodic, then transforming into aggressive and depraved without skipping a beat. A quite unpredictable and versatile sonic trademark making AVARICE IN AUDIO stand out as unique on the industrial scene with their stunning ability of writing poignant and catchy powerful aggro-tech dark elektro anthems (“Lolita Express”, “Trojan Horse…) while turning hyper catchy synth pop tunes into possessed, noir and addictive upbeat songs (“I pray”, “Blame”…).
      The instruments this time around are far more eclectic as well, with Gerry incorporating sounds from his childhood, from 8-bit leads inspired by Super Nintendo games, to pipe organs heard at churches. Lawrie and Ben once more prove a tour de force as well; they combine instrumental talents to insane degrees, ranging from angelic harmonies and blissful soundscapes, to un-apologetic basslines and aggressive percussion. Vocally, the album is what you have come to expect as well, with Gerry’s screams and Ben’s harmonies complimenting the music perfectly.
      Collaborations this time feature EBM/Future Pop legend Tom Shear of ASSEMBLAGE 23 on vocals, Lawrie’s own Alfa Matrix signed project STUDIO-X and a versus collaboration with Canadian experimental IDM band PSYKKLE. AVARICE IN AUDIO have assembled a com-bination of industrial masters and old friends from many years prior.
      01 Destroy My Faith 02 Lolita Express 03 I pray (feat. Assemblage 23) 04 Trojan Horse 05 Bittersweet 06 Taste the Ambrosia 07 Prescription for Paradise (feat. Studio-X)
      08 Blame 09 Curtain Call 10 Requiem for a Child of Fortune 11 I am Lazarus (vs. Psykkle) 12 Reliqua Avaritia 13 Hunger 14 The fourth Circle

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