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Beneath The Whelm
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      "Unnatural Bodies"

      Great news, the new Monolith album "Unnatural Bodies“ will come out on 25th July 2020 on HANDS! The amazing album offers 12 powerful and diverse tracks - made for for the industrial techno and rhythm’n’noise clubs!

      MONOLITH . Unnatural Bodies . cd/digital
      Cd in Hands paper pack . HANDS D291

      An album every two years – Eric van Wontherghem continues his creative streak since joining HANDS in 2014. And surely the audience is well up for the refill: In just under an hour, “Unnatural Bodies” demonstrates Monolith’s mastery of his signature sound, a seamless merger of rhythmic electronic styles, a vibrant and energetic rush affecting body and soul, provoking, but never assaulting.

      Avantgarde artist Jim Whiting brought his mechanical theatre “Unnatural Bodies” to public acclaim in the 1980s and continues to exhibit constantly updated versions of it. By all means comparable is the art of Eric van Wontherghem: Industrial and EBM pioneer in the 1980s, tribal rhythm noise innovator in the 1990s, embracing the techno groove ever since: The result being an irresistible fusion, made for the stage – tested positively on many performances throughout the years. “Unnatural Bodies” carries the peculiar Monolith style, an album as a tight entity, with the individual tracks epitomizing its root sources: Consider the techno drive of “Stop the World”, the earworm hook line of “Unnatural Bodies”, the EBM-ish DNA of “God is your Shield”, the heavy industrial atmosphere of “Already there”, the distorted belligerence of “Redemtion” or the nimble melodic relief of “The Flood is coming” – diversity in unity, an album the way it has to be!

      01 Bullet Proof
      02 Stop the World
      03 No Shade in the Shadow
      04 Unnatural Bodies
      05 Eyes Wide Open
      06 God is Your Shield
      07 Fake Empire
      08 Already There
      09 Crawl Back
      10 Melting Mountains
      11 Redemtion
      12 The Flood is Coming

    dkk 120/eur 16