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Suicide Commando
Mindstrip Redux
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      Electro Spectre
      "A Man Made Sun "

      Label: Razgrom Music (2018)

      Electro Spectre once again haunts the world with a new album tweaked to rough perfection.
      The new studio album entitled ‘A Man-Made Sun’ will be released in October 2018.
      Combining strong, melodious vocals with pure raw vintage synth production, the outcome is unmistakably Electro Spectre; unique and sophisticated pop music that will lure and seduce you. Caress you. Lead you through light and darkness, and reach for your soul.

      Electro Spectre originates from the Norwegian pop/electronica scene, and has grown to be one of the most interesting acts today. The band's unique sound - combining strong, melodious vocals and sophisticated electronic production - materializes in highly addictive pop music. Electro Spectre's past and present work should prove that the band belongs alongside the leading bands of modern electropop.
      The band has toured frequently during the recent years, and has been part of several electronic music festivals. The band has also supported great bands such as OMD, Marsheaux, Zeromancer, Covenant, Melotron, Mesh, to mention some.
      1 The Garden Of Lonely
      2 Truth Of You And Me
      3 The Way You Love
      4 Little Wonder
      5 Lovers Don’t Forgive
      6 The Passions Never Change
      7 Been Too Long
      8 The Secret Path
      9 Tic Toc
      10 Almost All Of Me
      11 The Colour Of Your Love
      12 Bonus: The Way You Love (Defiant Machines Remix)
      13 Bonus: Tic Toc (Ericsson Red Cobra Mix)
      14 Bonus: Lovers Don't Forgive (The Boy From Space Dub)
      15 Bonus: The Way You Love (Technomancer Remix)
      16 Bonus: The Way You Love (SPECTRE Original Demo)
      17 Bonus: The Way You Love (Sniffer God Remix Of Alex Moklebust from Zeromancer)
      18 Bonus: Tic Toc (To The Bone Remix)
      19 Bonus: Lovers Don't Forgive (Angha Tribe Dub)

    dkk 120/eur 16