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Future Tense
Modern Cults
Modern Cults
Buzz Kull
New Kind Of Cross
Mlada Fronta
No Trespassing
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A Man Made Sun
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    Label: Pro Noize (2015)

    For already more than six years Chainreactor brings movement to dark clubs around the globe. Even though often declared dead, the industrial project from Düsseldorf will soon release its fifth album, but still keeps true to its principles - hard, morbid and full of energy. An energy making it impossible to resist, even if you want to. The new album "Dirt" combines stomping grooves with distorted percussions all in a gloomy atmosphere digging into your brain to invite you to a new World - the filthy world called "Reality"…
    01 Seize the Day
    02 Achieving Society
    03 Over the Line
    04 Torpedo
    05 Shitstormer
    06 Kinski
    07 D.UE.S.S.E.L.D.O.R.F
    08 Dirt
    09 Sicko Cell
    10 The Danger
    11 The Haunted
    12 Propaganda
    13 30 Ghosts

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