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      MZ 412
      "Svartmyrk "

      Swedish behemoths MZ 412 return with their first full-length album in 12 years, once again asserting their dominion as the true Kings of Black Industrial. “Svartmyrkr” is a massive tour de force that reinvents the classic sound of MZ. 412 whilst retaining their trademark malevolent harshness.

      This album is dedicated to the true hell of the north – Helheim – and the giant goddess that rules it, Hel. From blackened ritual incantations, to bleak yet beautiful dark ambient arrangements, to harsh bombastic orchestrations, this album exceeds all expectations.

      MZ. 412 blur the lines between music, magick and reality. The earth trembles… the mountains quake… all light is vanquished. The Swedish overlords darken the hearts and extinguish the souls of all who bear witness to “Svartmyrkr”.
      1. Äntra Helstraffet
      2. Öppna Hegrind
      3. Codex Mendacium
      4. Ulvens Broder
      5. Helblar
      6. Ulvens Bleka Syster
      7. Burn Your Temples, True Change
      8. She Who Offers Sorrow
      9. We Are Eternal
      10. Lokastafr Ablaze With The Thorns Of Death

    dkk 180/eur 24