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      Absolute Body Control
      "Forbidden Games"

      Label: Sleepless Records (2016)

      Of course the fans keep on asking when Absolute Body Control will write some new material. Because yes, when will that long awaited successor to Shattered Illusion of 2010 be released? Meanwhile, Dirk Ivens and Eric Van Wonterghem come with a perfect solution. Sleepless Records Berlin released a CD with unreleased songs which were somewhere on a compilation, previously on vinyl on Turntable Sounds, but on this CD you find fourteen tracks (on the record eight).
      The nice thing about this record is that we hear Absolute Body Control in different styles. Heartbeat is a real ode to Suicide, with the same beats the late Alan Vega had a patent on. But there is also the club killer Into The Light, a song which was composed so you can watch yourself in the mirror and perform all kinds of crazy dances. But you also hear a very subdued version of A Broken Dream which can’t be more melancholic. Automatic 4 with its addictive dance beats, floats between EBM and disco.
      Also two great covers on Forbidden Games. They are obvious, even predictable, but these two Belgians give both Warm Leatherette and Blue Monday a very different sound. The strangest song is the repetitive Tanzmuzik that doesn’t seem to stop, not that we want it to.
      Naturally you also find a few classics here that probably are in your collection, but in another version, like The Man I Wanna Be or Waving Hands.
      This superb compilation ends with the hypnotic instrumental Forbidden Games. Recommended? That is a question we do not have to answer!!
      Review taken from Peek A Boo webzine.

      01 Waving Hands (flexidisc)
      02 A Broken Dream (Revoxversion)
      03 Automatic 4
      04 Blue Girl Black Boy
      05 Surrender No Resistance (MASSENDEFEct remix)
      06 Heat Beat
      07 Who Told You So?
      08 Into The Light (Attacke B&B mix)
      09 Blue Monday 7” edit
      10 Warm Leatherette 7” Edit
      11 Tanzmusik (SDPA version)
      12 Take A deep Breat (from the Not so cold Compilation)
      13 The Man I wanne Be (remake)
      14 Forbidden Games

    dkk 120/eur 16