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Requiem For The Hyperreal
Rabia Sorda
The World Ends Today
Lebanon Hanover
Let Them Be Alien
Lebanon Hanover
Let Them Be Alien
Ash Code
Suicide Commando
Death Will Find Us
Age of the Disposable Body
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      Mindless Faith
      "Medication For The Misinformed"

      Now, thanks to two brothers from Baltimore, US Industrial just might be back on track. "Medication For The Misinformed" is no less than the hottest US Industrial record to hit within the last five years. Administering the aforementioned medication is Mindless Faith, who have spent the past two years perfecting this energetic, aggressive and apocalyptic mix of US Industrial Metal and high energy trance. While stylistically reminiscent of bands like Nine Inch Nails, Front Line Assembly and Juno Reactor, the albums sounds and programming are 100% modern.

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