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    House Of harm
    "Vicious Pastimes"

    Label: Avant! (2020)

    The time has come to release thegreat debut album by the American band House Of Harm!
    The Boston-based post-punk trio, Whose new approach to the genre was showcased on their two tape EPs, has got their debut album Vicious Pastimes out worldwide today and it's a total keeper.
    Nine songs where timeless melodies of Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me-era Cure perfectly match Cocteau Twins ethereal airiness and Sarah Records seminal twee-pop sounds.
    Every song is a heart attack and you dont want to miss this.
    1.Isolator 03:20
    2.Coming Of Age 04:42
    3.Behind You 04:18
    4.Against The Night 03:40
    5.Catch 04:01
    6.Waste Of Time 03:47
    7.Vicious Pastimes 04:49
    8.Always 03:17
    9.Control 04:46

dkk 130/eur 17