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      Principe Valiente
      "Oceans (Vinyl) "

      Label: Manic Depression Records (2017)

      Principe Valiente is a Swedish band based in Stockholm. Their sound may partly be the result of a
      variety of elements inspired by the minimalism of certain post-punk acts and the lushness of shoe-
      gazing, but their music has frequently been labelled "dark pop".
      After the release of their debut (2011) and the sophomore ”Choirs of Blessed Youth” (2014) – both
      on German label AFMusic - Principe Valiente ventured deeper into the sonic landscapes of their
      minds. Drawing inspiration from ambient experimentalists like Cocteau Twins, 80’s sci-fi sound-tracks as well as exuberant vocalists like Bowie and Kate Bush.
      With their third album "Oceans" mixed by Jimmy Ottosson, the band has created another alluring
      world with human-all-too-human lyrics and phantasmal soundscapes. Cool and dreamy, yet im-
      passioned and loaded with sweet anxiety. Partly recorded by producer Martin Ehrencrona (Les
      Big Byrd), and partly in various basements and art school lobbies around their hometown Stockholm, Sweden.
      A1 Wildest Flowers A2 When I learned to crawl A3 Strangers in the Night A4 Monsters of the Sea
      B1 Running Juveniles B2 No Time B3 The Reason why B4 Untouchable

    dkk 150/eur 20