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Kirlian Camera
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Kill Shelter & Antipole
A Haunted Place
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    Frame Of Mind
    "Return From The World´s End"

    With their album releases „Resurrected“ and „At The End Of Your World“, „Frame Of Mind“ returned some three years back to the international music scene. The former Zoth Ommog recordings artist managed to create a sort of electronic end time romantic. Dark, atmospheric deep but always melodic has become the trademark of „Frame Of Mind“.
    The new album „Return From The World’s End“ continues this musical path. Already the opening track „Home“ which was created together with the band „Pyrroline“ illustrates this threatening scenario and reminds the listener with bands such as Delirium or even Massive Attack. For sure the band can not conceal the musical proximity to old scene heroes such as Skinny Puppy, Frontline Assembly or early In Strict Confidence. One of the many highlights on the new album for suer is „Erode“ which was already released digital as the first single taken off the album. Eleven new electronic highlights far away from what you know, when it comes to electronic music. Besides the new music also the cover artwork, which comes physical as a nice digi-pak is once more breathtaking.
    1. Home (feat. Pyrroline) 06:27
    2.Mislead 04:15
    3.Canada 04:16
    4.Mirror Mirror On The Wall 04:07
    5.Erode 06:21
    6.Phoenix From The Ashes 05:02
    7.Underground 04:12
    8.Counting The Days 04:15
    9.You 04:38
    10.Oblivion 04:35
    11.Born To Live, Born To Die 06:26

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