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She Past Away
Clan Of Xymox
Spiders On The Wall
Portion Control
Head Buried
Of The Wand & The Moon
Tainted Tears
Beneath The Whelm
Beneath The Whelm
Frozen Plasma
Apoptygma Berzerk
Nein Danke
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      Label: Cyclic Law (2020)

      After the distinctive and critically acclaimed mythical album trilogy "Kali Yuga", "Moloch" & "As Gods Fall" (Cyclic Law) Vortex returns with an epic new album. “Helioz” presents a cycle of tracks dealing with solar mythology throughout history, cultures and religions. The sun is essential to human life and culture, worshipped as an unconquered force, male or female, it is part of numerous mythologies; from the cyclical path of the sun barge in Egypt to the Roman Mithras cult and the Japanese goddess Amaterasu. Like C. G. Jung’s concept of the "Nachtmeerfahrt" the new Vortex album takes an intense trip on the night sea, following the sun on its mythical journey through various imaginations.
      "Helioz" is the most song-based album by Vortex to date, featuring various guest musicians. Patrick Kleinbauer of Notre Dame de l’Oublie and Rome, Lamia Vox, Nam Khar, Oliver Freund of Mars, Stephan Ortlepp of Musica Non Grata and Kai Naumann of The Trail provided guest vocals and instrumental contributions to add to the multi-layered, complex sound compositions which became a trademark of Vortex. Cinematic soundscape converge with dark drones, archaic sounds and instruments like goat horns, tagl harpa, jaw harp, various vocals and throat singing as well as atmospheric electric guitar passages. The album’s artwork was again created by the visionary French talent [nihil], reflecting upon the album’s themes. Lyrics and liner notes are included in the extensive booklet.

      Edition of 500 copies in 6 panels Digisleeve with 16 pages Booklet, matt lamination. 9 tracks. Running Time 57:47

      Release Date June 21 2020

    dkk 120/eur 16