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Modern Cults
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      Label: Silicon Tunes (2013)
      is a duo from the south of Sweden with the members Jimmy Sterner and Per Broberg. Both Jimmy and Per has been making music since the 80:s, in different bands and under different aliases, within a wide variery of genres. Some of Jimmys former projects include Simon Gag and the recordlabel Candycane Exploitations, some of Pers are Dawn of Oblivion and Mononot. The music is somewhat dark and electronic with influences from three decades of electronic music.
      Detached is the first album from Swedish electronic act Denormal. Dark and hard samples mixed with soft analog sounds paints a full-sized soundscape of the past, present and future. Denormals sound is similar to bands like Final Selection, The Present Moment, and the old stuff from De/Vision, Mesh, New Order with a great dark vocal. Highly Recommended!

    dkk 100/eur 14