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Lights Of Euphoria
Altered Voices
Zero One Seven
Frame Of Mind
Return From The World´s End
Only Melodies Remain
Christoph Schaue
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    The Colours Of Silence (Ikon)
    "Between the Darkness and the Light "

    This strong debut consists of 12 tracks influenced by darkwave and electronica. The project is the brainchild of Rio de Janeiro/Brazil based producer/songwriter extraordinaire Helio Peixoto (A World of Mystery/Vox Insana) with the addition of acclaimed avant-garde vocalist Michael
    Aliani (Chiron/Ikon). It also features special guest vocalist Kriistal Ann and Dino Molinaro (Ikon/Chiron) on bass. Each track on BETWEEN THE DARKNESS AND THE LIGHT transports the listener to a different soundscape. From the opening instrumental track “Into the Unknown” - which is dark and experi-mental, to “Darkness” – a track that can only be described as future Darkwave Classic, ‘Between…’ is surprising at every turn. “Colours of Rain” is another worthy mention, bringing together Aliani and Ann, two of the most powerful vocalists in the underground music scene. Their contrasting
    vocal styles, power and originality just make sense. “Between…’ is not your typical debut, as it brings together some of the greats of the Underground
    Music Scene and will challenge the listener at every turn.
    01 Into the Unknown 02 Lost Souyls 03 Voices 04 A Light in the Dark 05 Alone 06 Misteries 07 Darkness 08 Angels of Desire 09 The Eternal 10 Burn 11 Colours of Rain 12 Dreams and Desire

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