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Suicide Commando
Forest Of The Impaled
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      "Night Falls"

      This monumental release in Hecq’s discography is now available for the first time on vinyl format as a beautiful limited edition of 325 copies in a matte black heavy gatefold packaging & with glossy black embossing. the twelve original album tracks, finished with Christoph Berg's remix of the title track, have been elaborately remastered by Ben Lukas Boysen to apply a more contemporary sound standard.
      The initial release of 'Night Falls' in 2008 presented an important change from Ben Lukas Boysen's previous catalog of work. with outstanding production and masterful control of individual sound techniques, This album marked an artistic turning point for Hecq who raised the bar from a mere post-industrial idm producer to a contemporary modern classical sound designer. The album was recorded as one continuous opus with moods ranging from teary eyed melancholy up to beauty and puissance, unleashed by discontent, the self-assured need to change, or even a stroke of fate. Never before had Hecq's music implied such melodic and compositional richness. comparing the music on 'Night Falls' with romantic classical music seems imaginable; majestic strings interact with electronic soundscapes to bring sentiments into being. This is the manifestation of a person who is aware that changes happen, and that changes have to be made. Once again, night falls turns off the light in your room transforming it into a ship which slowly moves along endless dark corridors of modern classical and ambience. 180g double 12'' vinyl lp. limited edition of 325 copies in a massive gatefold hardcover with embossing. including a download code.
      01. Night Falls
      02. Never leave
      03. Dis
      04. Dis (Reverberation)
      05. Bending Time
      06. Aback
      07. Come Home
      08. Giants
      09. Magnetism
      10. Red Sky
      11. Above
      12. I am you
      13. Night falls (Reworked by Christoph Berg)