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Kirlian Camera
Cold Pills
Kirlian Camera
Cold Pills
Love`s Secret Domain (3 Gold Vinyls)
Kill Shelter & Antipole
A Haunted Place
Kill Shelter & Antipole
A Haunted Place
Beweg Dich!
Death Loves Veronica
Die Krupps
Songs From The Dark Side Of Heaven
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      Lucia Cifarelli (KMFDM)
      "I Am Eye "

      Founder of 90’s band Drill, Lucia Cifarelli joined Sascha Konietzko’s MDFMK in 2000, sub- sequently became one of the primary creative forces behind the Ultra Heavy Beat that is
      KMFDM, not just as a vocalist, but also as a songwriter.
      In November 2019 Lucia began writing her long overdue second solo album, following up on her debut “From the Land of Volcanos” (Universal, 2002). The album was finished during lockdown and is now finally ready to be unleashed!
      A1 Girls like me A2 To be alive A3 Kiss & Tell A4 Last of Me
      B1 Command B2 I am Eye B3 Get it B4 Dear Divinity B5 No Place like Home

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