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    Solar Fake
    "Enjoy Dystopia "

    Three years after the release of "You Win. Who Cares?", Solar Fake announce their new album "Enjoy Dystopia" - an album that consistently follows the path of its popular predecessor and even takes it several steps further.
    Singer Sven Friedrich agrees: „Some of the new songs are more close to "You Win. Who Cares?", others however are a bit more different. With each new album I always look a little bit beyond the horizon and attempt to bring new elements into the music, but without compromising the Solar Fake sound".
    There is a special new element that has a great importance for the sympathetic singer:
    "For the first time, there is a song with German lyrics on the album. We have never had that before with Solar Fake. I had the chorus lines right in my head when I wrote the song. And somehow, I didn't want to translate it into English, that would have been a compromise and with Solar Fake, I don't make any compromises. Ever." Strong words, but in fact, the song ‘Es geht dich nichts an’ fits perfectly on the album and shows a previously undiscovered aspect in the Solar Fake sound.
    Fans of Solar Fake can look forward to some rage infused melodies and beats: "The album is dominated by aggression, which is sometimes more obvious and sometimes more subtile. Of course, there are also calmer and sorrowful moments. Nevertheless, the ones who do not know where to put their feelings, their aggression, their despair of humankind, their vulnerability to an overall stupidity, will feel understood.”
    „Enjoy Dystopia“ will be released in several formats: as a CD, a 2-CD Digipak, or limited 2-LP as well as strictly limited Box including the digipak version, the exclusive bonus acoustic CD „Masked“, mobile phone grip, band photo, wallet, and silicon wristband.
    But that’s not it: Three randomly picked boxes will include a "Golden Ticket". With this "Golden Ticket" the winner (plus one person) will experience a whole concert day with Solar Fake, from arriving till teardown, including catering and accommodation after the concert. A very special day with a very special band!

    Side A
    A1 At least we'll forget
    A2 I despise you
    A3 This pretty life
    A4 Arrive somewhere
    Side B
    B1 Es geht dich nichts an
    B2 It's who you are
    B3 Trying too hard
    B4 Just leave it

    Side C
    C1 Implode
    C2 Join me in death
    C3 Where is my mind
    C4 Wish myself away
    Side D
    D1 Es geht dich nichts an (Faelder Remix)
    D2 Implode (Blutengel Remix)
    D3 This pretty life (Iris Remix)
    D4 Just leave it (Lord of the lost version)

dkk 220/eur 30