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Christoph Schaue
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    "Mélodies En Sous-Sols "

    Label: Silences Et Gresillements (2020)

    Album No 4 by the Electro/Synthpop side-project of Dernière Volonté! Future Retro Synthi-Pop! Minimal Electronics! Or should we better call it Maximal Electronics?
    Something has been changing for a while. It’s in the air, it’s in the flesh,it’s in your eyes. I’m thinking about what will happen to us when they find our gameplay.
    Come and listen to some ‘Mélodies en sous sols’ - you know who I am and what I am. If you’re here, you know me more than I know you. Can you listen to my voice and all the electronic noises from the city? Can you understand what I’m thinking about people, flesh, skin, leather, love,
    memories, crime and the sweetest sound of a spider eating something on the wall. Who are you? Who am I? Come on and shut up!!! Listen to some of my ‘Mélodies en sous sols’…. Shhhhttttt…. Listen…."
    01 Dans ma Tête 02 Jardin Chinois 03 Marche ou crève! 04 Une Seule 05 Visions 06 Minuterie 07 Equation 08 Je ne me souviens plus 09 Méli-Mélo 10 Mélodies en Sous-Sols

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