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      "Themes Of Carnal Empowerment Pt. 1: Lust"

      ESA is finally back with a new album after creating the club hit I Am The Filth (The Song Combichrist never made)
      After 3 years of deafening silence, ESA returns with part 1 of a 2-part dual concept release for 2012 titled 'Themes Of Carnal Empowerment'. Taking inspiration from the very meaning of lust and concentrating on the energy and instability that often results, this new collection of 11 rhythmic Industrial stompers promises to be all that ESA fans have been waiting for and more. With jaw dropping artwork centered around the concept of lust...’Themes Of Carnal Empowerment’ is a no-brainer for heavy industrial fans who like their rhythmic noise with a little more substance and depth.
      6-panel digipak compact disc.

    dkk 100/eur 14