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The Spell Of The Spider
Suicide Commando
Forest Of The Impaled
Suicide Commando
Forest Of The Impaled
Die Form
Baroque Equinox
The Devil & The Universe
Walpern Redux (Vinyl)
Patenbrigade Wolff
Der Brigadier trinkt immer noch Bier!
Lionhearts (Seabound)
Funker Vogt
Code Of Conduct
Savage Sinusoid

      "FH 3"

      Label: L Tracks Recordings
      "FH3" is once again an evolution from the styles of "FH2" - expanding and exploring previously untrodden grounds. And while the music is undeniably Faderhead, it is considerably darker and carries less of a party vibe. Definitely a departure from the days of songs like "Coke For My Ass", "Mono Man" and "Dirtygrrrls/Dirtybois". What used to be fun, now seems to be sarcasm. Less dancing - more listening... that seems to be the order of the day when it comes to "FH3". And while monster-stompers like "TZDV" are bound to take dance-floors worldwide by storm, the focus this time lies on storytelling and good songwriting. Something sorely needed in the music world these days...