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    Blush Response
    "Human Augmentation"

    Label: Sonic Groove (2017)

    Blush Response delivers a 4 track E.P. from Blush Response ( hailing from the u.s. and currently based and operating in Berlin) Blush Response. following his recent releases on ant-zen and aufnahme wiedergabe with a 4 track e.p. of experimental industrial dark technoid explorations that are cutting the edge of contemporary techno with an expert approach to the dissemination of sonic architecture. A1 opens this stellar release with the deep, melancholic and cerebral track ‘ beyond flesh ‘ which takes the traditionalist techno approach and reinforces the technique with a subtle touch of experimentation giving the track an overall sense of concentrated tension as well as a cohesive ‘ sci-fi ‘ feeling which introduces this e.p. effectively. the following track, rounding out the a side, is intriguingly titled ‘ unclean spirit ‘ complimenting the opening track and advancing the e.p. by picking up the pace with a machine riveting percussive, hypnotically engaging and pulsating dance floor stormer that paints a dark cybernetic mental landscape and encourages emotionally charged body movements. the b side is introduced by the stand out track ‘ machine god ‘. brooding and ominous sonic aesthetics coalesce with modular system activation and the results are a dangerously effective mechanism that has a variable amount dynamic and structure that will essentially encourage effective dj set programming of the dark and industrial kind. rounding out the ep is the final track ‘ instrumentality ‘ which is a storm of waveforms and modulations that are toned, effected and shaped with an old school approach reminiscent of the hard acid producers of the early 90's on labels such as drop bass network, sounds never seen and labworks and earlier releases on sonic groove. this is a celebration of the new dark age of techno music and follows closely to the tradition set forth by the first wave of artist advancing the hybrid crossover between techno and industrial music.
    Blush Response has developed a unique perspective and approach by having experienced electronic music and it's various strains, both stateside and in Europe, which in comparison, are vastly different, especially within the specific genre of industrial.this type of variation has and keeps inspiring blush response to give clear reference to the illustrious history of electronic music and to take the potential of the music even further into unknown and uncharted areas through his expert knowledge of and impeccable skill behind his modular systems and electronic music machines and his long standing passion for sound. dark music for dark people, defined.
    1-Beyond Flesh
    2-Unclean Spirit
    3-Machine God

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