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      Absolute Body Control
      "Wind Re Wind"

      Label: Sleepless Records (2016)

      Absolute Body Control was formed by Dirk Ivens in 1980 and joined by Eric Van Wonterghem just after releasing their first single “Is There An Exit?”. Achieving an underground cult following, the band took their influence from bands such as Suicide, D.A.F, and the UK electronic scene. After a few years, the band members all went their separate ways finding success in other influential acts such as The Klinik, Dive, Sonar, Monolith and Insekt.
      In 2007 Absolute Body Control re-formed and released “Wind[Re]Wind” on a very limited picture disc LP and later on CD including updated & re-recorded versions of their best tracks. Modern sound recording techniques blend seamlessly with the classic roots of low-fi electro.
      Now, almost a decade after the first pressing, “Wind[Re]Wind” is relunched including all the 13 tracks from the CD plus two new versions (“Waving Hands” and “The Man I Wanna Be”) and a live recording from WGT 2007 (previously available only on a limited CD).
      Please note this is the Black Vinyl edition.
      1. Figures
      2. I Wasn’t There
      3. Give Me Your Hands
      4. Is There An Exit?
      5. So Hard
      6. Do You Feel It Inside
      7. Love At First Sight
      8. Did You Do It?
      9. Automatic
      10. I’m Leaving
      11. Melting Away
      12. Touch Your Skin1
      13. So Obvious
      14. Waving Hands
      15. The Man I Wanna Be
      16. Intro (Live)
      17. I Wasn’t There (Live)
      18. Is There An Exit? (Live)
      19. So Hard (Live)
      20. Give Me Your Hands (Live)

    dkk 200/eur 26