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    Sturm Café
    "Fernes "

    Label: SC Records (2021)

    We have worked on this album we called ”Fernes Land” for the last 18 months. We decided to clear out our sample and sound banks and build up new sounds from scratch and invested in some reverb and compressor efffect boxes from the 80’s, an analog soundboard and a couple of new synthesizers. We also upgraded our Atari computer (that we use to sequence all our equipment) from our old 1040ST to a Mega 4 with an unbelievable 4 megabytes of RAM! The instrument that was used was Sequential Circuits Pro One, Korg Poly 800 II, Korg ARP Odyssey, Yamaha DX7, MicroKORG, Novation Basstation Rack, Novation Drumstation and Akai S5000.
    The mission with this album was to create something non-contemporary with a dynamic production mastered on 1/2" reel to reel tape without modern loudness. We wanted it to sound vintage and timeless at the same time. If we succeeded or not is up to you to decide! The album ”Fernes Land” will be out on February 24
    1.Intro 01:35
    2.Männer Gegen Männer 03:59
    3.So Lange Es Geht 04:55
    4.Fernes Land 04:19
    5.Funkbereit 05:47
    6.Schauspiel 03:14
    7.Discolied 05:10
    8.Spielzeit 04:30
    9.Die Schreckensinsel 04:56

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