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She Past Away
Clan Of Xymox
Spiders On The Wall
Portion Control
Head Buried
Of The Wand & The Moon
Tainted Tears
Beneath The Whelm
Beneath The Whelm
Frozen Plasma
Apoptygma Berzerk
Nein Danke
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      "Paper Dolls "

      2016’s “Paper Dolls” is not a minimal release. This release is no longer an exploration. This release is 11 solid anthematic tracks that can each stand on their own as a single. Long gone is the young girl from 2003 starting a solo project and exploring her sound. What’s left in 2016 on “Paper Dolls” is a confident artist, a mature sound, and some of Jennifer’s strongest songwriting to date, all combined with explosive, ear-candy production highlighting vocals in the midst of AYRIA’s huge beats and synths.

      Laying it all out there for listeners with lyrical themes of suicide, technology & social media, feminism, abuse, opulence, emptiness, numbness and isolation, with a hint at happiness just so you know that not all hope is lost.

      For club songs suited for the dance floor, “Underneath The Water”, “Crash And Burn”, “Feed Her To The Wolves”, “Chameleon”, “Not Receiving”. For sexy, moody, mid-tempo electro-EBM-alt-pop, “You’re So Vacant”, “Deconstruct Me”, “Paper Dolls”. And finally, some confident and beautiful slower tempo tracks, lacking on recent releases and reminiscent of the “Flicker” era of AYRIA, “Sticks and Stones”, “Barren”, “Fading From Me”.

      This release will continue to appeal to fans, as AYRIA’s established and unique genre of female industrial-alt-pop has brought listeners along for over a decade into this world of distortion, bass, melody and melancholy. Jennifer invites you in again, to hear for yourself where she’s been, and where she has now arrived at and conquered.
      “Paper Dolls” does not only come as a regular CD, but also as a special 2CD limited edition box set with disc 2 titled “The Heartless Kingdom” which takes you on a moody ride featuring two more original tracks, some transformed ballad reworks of club tracks, remixes by personal friends Decoded Feedback, Bhambhamhara, as well as some goodies: postcards, stickers, posters.
      AYRIA’s hardcore fans: be sure to grab your copy fast since the first 1000 copies of the ltd edition will come out with an exclusive spotted varnish glitter effect on the deluxe box cover artwork…

      Finally this release also comes out on a very limited LP vinyl edition in absolute fuschia pink vinyl (augmented with a carton sleeve CD version).

      01. Underneath The Water
      02. Paper Dolls
      03. Feed Her To The Wolves
      04. Deconstruct Me
      05. Sticks and Stones
      06. Crash and Burn
      07. Barren
      08. You’re So Vacant
      09. Not Receiving
      10. Fading From Me
      11. Chameleon

    dkk 120/eur 16