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    "Shalom From Hell Aviv "

    When Hocico enters the stage, they unleash a pyromania of beats and adrenaline. The stage outbreaks of this one of a kind band are well known all over the world. „Shalom From Hell Aviv“ succesfully bans this unchained performance on medium.

    Who ever thinks about „Blasphemies In The Holy Land“ also remembers the amount of power this legendary live album evokes even nowadays. So it was a kind of obvious to create another monument in its tradition. „Shalom From Hell Aviv“ shows the band in absolute top form with an audience bringing the pedal to the metal from the first to the last moment. Having a setlist summarizing the creative work of the band perfectly in 15 songs, keyboard magician Racso Agroyam and frontmonster Erk Aicrag carry the tense of the concert evening into the livingroom.

    1. Blackout
    2. Scars
    3. Sex Sick
    4. In The Name of Violence
    5. No One Gets Out Alive
    6. Bite Me!
    7. I Abomination
    8. Heart Attack
    9. Poltergeist
    10. Dead Trust
    11. Forgotten Tears
    12. A Fatal Desire
    13. Tiempos de Furia
    14. Twist The Thorn

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