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    After the release of their debut e.p. "Skullf**k" and the massive "Detonation" album the manchester based DJ and producer Geoff Lee aka Modulate returns with an all new 10 track e.p. entitled "Robots". Within no time Modulate established themself on the top of the elctronic club scene by its outstanding releases and various massive remix work followed by european touring as special guest for VNV Nation and Combichrist as well as own headline shows and touring!
    The new release holds 10 floorfillers starting with the title song "Robots" which will top all DJ charts within days! "Boombox" is another clubmonster in the vein of The Prodigy mixing up with The Chemical Brothers joined by "Nightmare" a true trance/techno smash and "Dirty fckn disco" a great collaboration with Shaun-F! Furthermore the E.P. holds top notch remixes by A.D.A.M., Straftanz, Soman and Aesthetic Perfection! No fillers just killers! Robots... they're coming for you!
    01. Robots (Radio Edit)
    02. Boombox
    03. Dirty Fckn Disco (Modulate vs. Shaun-F)
    04. Nightmare (Instrumental Club Mix)
    05. Machines
    06. Hard and Dirty (A.D.A.M. Lab4 Remix)
    07. Robots (Straftanz Remix)
    08. Robots (Soman Remix)
    09. Robots (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
    10. Robots (Chipset Remix)