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Lost In Infinity
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Wake up The Coma
Frontline Assembly
Wake up The Coma
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      "The Sixth Sun"

      As we have all realized by now, the Aztec calendar's prophecy concerning the end of 2012 was not fulfilled, so mankind now resides in the era of the 'Sixth Sun', one which brings past to present in order to construct a brighter future and this era was chosen as a central theme for Tzolk'in's fourth album.
      7 unyielding tracks named after mesoamerican deities symbolize humanity's new dawn after averting the catastrophe of 2012. Nicolas van Meirhaeghe (Empusae, This MornĀ’Omina) & Gwenn TrĆ©morin (Flint Glass) create a powerful, opulently orchestrated analeptic for mind and body. Heavily organic, rich in melodic themes and perfectly mastered, this CD represents excellently executed ambient soundscapes and predominant tribally infested rhythms. This is contemporary post-industrial combined with ritualistic sounds carrying an almost tantric like feel which was, which is and which always will be this project's trademark. Buried deep inside the chaos of fluctuation lies a truly remarkable opus that requires attentive and full listening to appreciate its depth and range. An illustration of tribal sensibilities from the collective mind of two exceptional artists, executed in a contemporary, cutting-edge electronic medium.

    dkk 120/eur 16