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Black Nail Cabaret
Gods Verging On Sanity
Black Nail Cabaret
Gods Verging On Sanity
Einstürzende Neubauten
Alles In Allem
Einstürzende Neubauten
Alles In Allem
Fierce Remixes And More
She Hates Emotions
Melancholic Maniac
This Fog Never Ends
This Fog Never Ends
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    Various Artists
    "Beat Cancer 3"

    Beat:Cancer v3 features 3 discs’ worth of exclusive and unreleased tracks from new and emerging artists and established favourites of the alternative and electronic music scene: 40 of them in total! The CD edition is packaged in a deluxe 8 panel digipak and with artwork from renowned designer Vlad McNeally.
    # Artist Title Length
    1. Sleepless Droids All Exits Are Open (SIRUS Remix) 05:02
    2. Mind Driller Escape 05:17
    3. Atomzero Helix (Synthetic DNA Mix) 04:43
    4. Neonsol Your Dead World (D.E.P. vs Defeat Remix) 06:16
    5. ESA Be Still and I Shall Tell You Why (Extended Club Mix feat. Nana Ana Frimpong) 07:30
    6. Flesh Eating Foundation Scumbags and Spent Slags (Long Pig Remix by Hardscan) 03:21
    7. D.E.P. vs MiXE1 The Call 03:51
    8. Freakangel The Anthem of the Wretched (Beat:Cancer Edit) 03:29
    9. At0shima 3rr0r Revolution of Death (Death Factor Remix) 04:03
    10. SOTUI feat. PsyJotics, Burnn-O & Siassh MINIMO 05:14
    11. Project 2501 Reprogrammed XP 03:46
    12 Beinaheleidenschaftsgegenstand Adversor 02:40
    Disc 2

    # Artist Title Length
    1. Frequenze of Noize Civilisation of Noize (C-LEKKTOR Remix) 04:36
    2. Syd.31 Disorder (Petrol Bastard Remix) 02:44
    3. Neonsol Fascination Street 05:24
    4. Cease2Xist This Is My Design (Crowns of Bone Remix) 03:52
    5. Machine Rox Zombie DJ Super Freak (Beat:Cancer Exclusive Remix) 05:07
    6. Ruinizer Technoprisoners (D.E.P. Remix) 03:41
    7. Dirty K Psuedoephedrine 04:58
    8. Hasswut Machinenwelt 03:44
    9. Defeat Goodbye (D.E.P. Remix) 06:03
    10. V2A Hail Hydra 04:10
    11. Cloudspires Guardians of Time 04:10
    12 Spawn of Psychosis Shadows 10:13
    Disc 3

    # Artist Title Length
    1. Bitman Do You Feel Love? 03:46
    2. MiXE1 This Time (Beat:Cancer Remix) 04:54
    3. Cortex Defect Affliction (Corroded Master Remix) 04:01
    4. Ctrl Alt Del We Stand Alone 04:51
    5. Big Fucking Robots Machine Control 04:12
    6. Tapewyrm Ascension (Beat:Cancer Edit) 05:33
    7. Death Valley Scars Skeletor Is Watching You! (No More F##kin' Skeletons Mix) 03:58
    8. Benjamin'sPlague The Fast Defeating Process (Out of Time Remix) 05:05
    9. Nature of Wires Negative Resolutions 05:31
    10. Injustrial Nurse Redheart 04:32
    11. Shadows and Mirrors In the Dark 07:05
    12 Jet Noir Till the Bitter End (Jeremiah Saint Maxi Mix) 06:02

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