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Black Nail Cabaret
VNV Nation
Solitary Experiments
Future Tense
Modern Cults
Modern Cults
Buzz Kull
New Kind Of Cross
Mlada Fronta
No Trespassing
Kælan Mikla
Nótt Eftir Nótt
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      Eden Synthetic Corps

      Label: Scanner

      Check out ESC from Portugal and their 2nd CD “Enhancer”! Their debut “Matte” earned proper respect from the electroheads worldwide. ESC are continuing their approved way consequently with their recent release “Enhancer”. Be prepared for propulsive rhythm merged with hypnotic beats full of melody furthered by accentuated significant speech samples. Highly danceable stuff for the club-floor. “Totes Licht. If you like X-Fusion, Agonoize or Grendel, you will love ESC.

    dkk 120/eur 16