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      "Trauma:RItual "

      Label: Scanner Records (2017)

      Welcome to the post-factual age! An ominous, sinister future lurks before us. On their seventh studio-album TRAUMA: RITUAL [:SITD:] reflect on the most critical issues of our times: fanaticism, irrationality and protectionism.

      TRAUMA: RITUAL will be released as limited 1st edition double cd, in beautiful digipak including the TRAUMA: CULT bonus cd with 6 exclusive tracks, i.e. band’s own club, single and extended versions from the tracks Puls:Schlag, Genesis and Incendium, as well as massive remixes of Brother Death and Mundlos created by AESTHETIC PERFECTION, INTENT:OUTTAKE and SHORT AND CRUNCH.

      The incredibly danceable brand-new songs like Genesis, Companion, Cicatrix and Walls have Eyes amount gloomily, powerfully and morbidly to a menacing thunderstorm, while the lyrics keep digging heavily and deeply in the furtive, ruthlessly revealing the abyss of the human psyche. TRAUMA: RITUAL is an almost sixty-minute long masterpiece, which ends with the epic tune Zenit, which is definitely one of the album highlights. [:SITD:] tear down the walls, they open the doors to freedom, and finally they unite. At the end of it all, hope prevails.

      Quite a big surprise is the collaboration between the band from the Ruhr-Area and guest singer DENNIS SCHOBER, the well-known vocalist from SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS, on the catchy club anthem Puls:Schlag (i.e. “pulsation” or “pulse:beat”). It’s the first duet EVER with another artist on an official [:SITD:] release!
      01 [PULS:SCHLAG] feat. DENNIS SCHOBER 7:25
      02 [CICATRIX] 4:52
      03 [GENESIS] Album Version 4:45
      04 [BROTHER DEATH] Album Version 5:40
      05 [COMPANION] 5:34
      06 [POST-FACTUAL AGE] 4:34
      07 [MUNDLOS] 5:00
      08 [WALLS HAVE EYES] 4:55
      09 [ELEGIE] 5:33
      10 [ZENIT] 8:12

      CD2 ‘TRAUMA: CULT’:
      01 [GENESIS] Single Version 3:47
      02 [PULS:SCHLAG] feat. DENNIS SCHOBER [Club Version] 5:55
      03 [INCENDIUM] Extended Version 5:55
      04 [MUNDLOS] INTENT:OUTTAKE Remix 5:37
      06 [MUNDLOS] SHORT AND CRUNCH Remix 4:23

    dkk 150/eur 20