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Suicide Commando
Mindstrip Redux
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Thin Skies
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      "Rotationsausfall in der Eisfabrik"

      Label: Repo Records (2019)

      After a two year break Eisfabrik are back with an EP announcing the upcoming album "Kryothermalmusik aus der Eisfabrik".

      Two brand-new songs and various remix versions with a total playing time of almost 40 mins. indicate where the journey is heading: Melancholy with a high catchy tune factor mark the direction of this release.

      The conscious choice of remixers, ranging from Schattenmann and EBM legend Robotiko Rejekto to Covenant, the founding fathers of these genres, has resulted in very different versions of the two titles "AND NOTHING TURNS" and "WHITE SHEET", which will also underline the sound diversity of Eisfabrik.
      1. And Nothing Turns
      2. And Nothing Turns - Club Version
      3. White Sheet
      4. And Nothing Turns - Covenant Version
      5. White Sheet - Frozen Plasma Version
      6. And Nothing Turns - Schattenmann Version
      7. And Nothing Turns - Beyond Obsession Version
      8. And Nothing Turns - Robotiko Rejekto Version
      9. And Nothing Turns - Rob Dust Version

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