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Die Klute
Planet Fear
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    Johan Baeckstr├Âm

    Johan Baeckstr├Âm, previously most well known as part of the electronic pop duo Daily Planet, Delivered a highly acclaimed debut album as a solo artist three years ago (2015), with ┬ĹLIKE BEFORE┬ĺ. Critics and fans praised the song material as well as the fact that Baeckstr├Âm not only is a great synthesist and producer, but apparently also a vocalist to be reckoned with.

    Finally we are glad to announce UTOPIA, Johan Baeckstr├Âm┬┤s brand new second solo album. The title track from the album was released digitally in April and gave a good hint about what to expect from the album ┬ľ Baeckstr├Âm┬┤s caracteristic electronic sound, weaved around strong melodies in a perfect mix of fast, slow and mid-tempo songs. The perfect electronic pop album.
    01. Utopia
    02. Homeless
    03. The World Through Your Eyes
    04. Better Stories
    05. I Can Read Your Mind
    06. Cassini
    07. Ask Them Why
    08. Blood Red Moon
    09. Into the 80's
    10. Silence
    11. Blinded

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