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      And Also The Tress
      "Born Into The Waves "

      Label: ATT Records (2016)

      ‘Born into the Waves’ is the thirteenth studio album from the influential cult British band! Inspired by the band’s recent concerts in previously unvisited countries - Ukraine, Romania, Lithuania and Japan – ‘Born Into the Waves’ evolves from four pieces composed by guitarist Justin Jones on the theme of love songs from around the world. Following the recent success of acclaimed albums 'Hunter not the Hunted' and '(Listen for) the Rag and Bone Man', the new album encompasses a new spirit of optimism and liberation in the lyrics of vocalist Simon Huw Jones. “There are no traditional loves songs here but love, as an emotion and a force is at the core of the album and threads through the songs - light and dark, energizing and destructive - the sense of travel and place was also important as it helped us explore loves’ more diverse nature especially that as an opposing power to hate”. In their 35th year, And Also the Trees continue to evolve and break new creative ground. In 2015, Justin worked with Marc Almond playing guitar on a track from his album ‘The Dancing Marquis'. Drummer Paul Hill recently performed with the internationally known German multi- media artist John Bock at Frieze Art Fair, London. Simon collaborated with French composer Olivier Mellano, providing lead vocals on the '13 guitars' version of his 'Orchestre symphonique de Bretagne' commissioned epic.
      Simon is also nearing completion of the second 'November' album with Bernard Trontin of Swiss legend The Young Gods. ‘Born into the Waves’ also features guest vocalist Adam Sherry from 'A Dead Forest Index,' direct from their Savages and Chelsea Wolfe tour slots. And Also the Trees’ connection with The Cure was recently revived when Robert Smith, a long-time admirer, invited them as special guests for their three shows at London's Hammersmith Apollo. Musically however, to the uninitiated, they are more often likened to Nick Cave, Tinder- sticks and Scott Walker. AATT will present 'Born into the Waves' with live shows this coming spring.
      01 Your Guess
      02 Hawksmoor & the Savage
      03 Winter Sea
      04 Seasons & The Storms
      05 The Sleepers
      06 Bridges
      07 The Bells of St. Christopher’s
      08 Naito-Shinjuku
      09 Boden
      10 The Skeins of Love

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