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Lionhearts (Seabound)
Funker Vogt
Code Of Conduct
Savage Sinusoid
Savage Sinusoid (Vinyl)
The Birthday Massacre
Under Your Spell (Vinyl)
The Birthday Massacre
Under Your Spell
Alien Vampires
Evil Lasts Forever, 6CD Box
Ruined Conflict
Night Idyll (Vinyl)
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    Somatic Responses
    "Concrete Glider"

    The brothers John and Paul Healy, collectively known throughout the world as somatic responses, are still the native residents of a small industrial mining community located in the southwest region of Wales.
    Constantly working on new tracks and fresh ideas, their immense creative output has been released on a myriad of labels, carving out a unique sound that is distinctly their own, far beyond any narrow categorizations.
    Still pushing the envelopes of genre with their unique, rigorous approach to electronic dance music, the duo deliver a truly fine assortment of gloomy ambient, breakcore, drum'n'bass, idm, hardcore techno and industrial, all thrown through the Somatic Responses blender and spread throughout the album's 13 tracks. Expressing a wide range of emotions and atmospheres ranging from the icy melancholic 'Replicant Loss' and the academic crystal clarity of 'Science And Emotion' to furious distorted monsters like 'Fryday'.
    Although the idea of building a concrete glider sounds like an oxymoron, the album title cuts to the core of the matter: a collection of skillfully designed sonic explorations where force and facility are utterly inseperable.