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    Ordo Rosarius Eqiulibrio
    "Let´s Play "

    Seven years ago, Tomas Petterson started to write the masterpiece of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio. Now it is finally finished: An album that crushes the borders of Neofolk with overwhelming musical sense and deep, poetic words. „Let‘s Play“ is more than the next album of this exceptional band, it is the rise for the stars and a sound-built manifest of art.

    The long composing time reflects the supernal standard of composer Tomas: „I see „Let’s Play“ as the final version of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio. It‘s my cruel mistress. It’s my white whale. And finally, 7 years after its genesis, with numerous interferences and surprises in between, it is ultimately finished.“ And where „Songs 4 Hate & Devotion“ and „Vision:Libertine“ stopped is where „Let‘s Play“ actually starts: Between darkness and a sinister taste, between sex and death, the songs are more playful and free yet more serious and focussed than ever. The band calls their music Apocalyptic Pop, and World Downfall never tasted so sweet.

    „Let‘s Play“ comes as single digipak CD and as a strictly limited deluxe boxset in 404 copies made of noble wood including Double-LP in purple and silver with the „4Play“ EP as bonus, the digipak CD version and finally a very special electric toy alongside a pair of wicked seamed stocking for general excitement.”

    1. Forty years after Null (There’s no Answer to the Riddle)
    2. Two Girls and a Goat (I never knew….)
    3. Evil wears a Mask with your Name
    4. I met Jesus in a Dream (Till Illusions fall apart)
    5. Let's Play said the Rose to the Goat
    6. This is Life this is War (Let’s Play and make believe)
    7. This Knife will steal you Heart - Let's waken the Judas in you
    8. There's no Pride Love is dead (Kiss my Eyes and crush my Head)
    9. Anoint me with Vomit, and desecrate my Beliefs
    10. There’s a Chalice with my Semen (and another with my Blood)
    11. [Social Darwinist Contortion] Who is born to rule the World?
    12. Ménage à Trois - There is nothing to regret
    13. The Hierophant & The Devil (You taste like Innocence, and broken Dreams)

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