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Black Nail Cabaret
VNV Nation
Solitary Experiments
Future Tense
Modern Cults
Modern Cults
Buzz Kull
New Kind Of Cross
Mlada Fronta
No Trespassing
Kælan Mikla
Nótt Eftir Nótt
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      "Audio Blender"

      Implant serves us his 7th album. An exploding cocktail of modern electronics with an eighties melodic touch, danceable carrying beats and beautifully contrasting male/female vocals - Implant keeps innovation flourishing, forgeing the frontiers of eclecticism and sound diversity more than ever before...The Belgian duo take you on a journey through the corridors of Electro Clash and Electro Pop into the catacombs of harsh dancefloor industrial Other gems include excellent collaborations with Front 242's vocalist, and Anne Clark.

    dkk 120/eur 16