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Black Nail Cabaret
Gods Verging On Sanity
Black Nail Cabaret
Gods Verging On Sanity
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Einst├╝rzende Neubauten
Alles In Allem
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This Fog Never Ends
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    Various Artists
    "Futronik Structures 6"

    Label: DSBP Records (2013)
    DSBP Records has finally released Volme 6 of the very popular FUTRONIK STRUCTURES COMPILATION SERIES!!! Since 1997 we been doing this and although a few years since the last one, we been real busy here!
    This NEW compilation features many of the DSBP BANDS from the past and present...- UCNX, ELECTRO SYNTHETIC REBELLION, INLINE SEX TERROR, AGHAST VIEW, DIVERJE, WHORE, BIOPSY, SCAR LIMIT, CRITICAL SYSTEM ERROR, SEVERE ILLUSION, WIRE TRAP, and BIO-MECHANICAL DEGENERATION. most of the tracks are BRAND NEW or from newly released albums and a couple of "Out Of Print" tracks as well..
    We also included some new bands we are really enjoying here and wanted to give more exposure to - SLEEPLESS, PILL BRIGADE, CYNERGY 67, and PARTICLE SON are all on here with AWESOME TRACKS! 76 minutes plus of KICK ASS INDUSTRIAL/ EBM/ COLDWAVE/ NOISE here!! we hope you enjoy it, we feel this compilation has a nice flow to it!

    01- UCNX - absolute zero (2012 mix)
    02- SLEEPLESS - the end
    04- INLINE SEX TERROR - closed minds(feat.TOMMYT/DIVERJE)
    05- PILL BRIGADE - monsters (CODE RED mix)
    06- AGHAST VIEW - drifter (radio slash)
    07- CYNERGY 67 - violent affection
    08- DIVERJE - war within me (club mix)
    09- PARTICLE SON - dead to rights
    10- WHORE - opposable thumbs
    11- BIOPSY - aphluxxo nominal
    12- SCAR LIMIT - the keepers
    13- WIRE TRAP - in II place
    14- CRITICAL SYSTEM ERROR - redemption
    15- SEVERE ILLUSION - contribution

dkk 50/eur 7