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Electro Strip
Electro Strip
Funker Vogt
Solar Fake
You Win. Who Cares
Solar Fake
You Win. Who Cares
In Strict Confidence
Hate 2 Love
Psyclon Nine
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Psyclon Nine
Icon Of The Adversary
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Music To Make War To
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      Label: Mighty Music (2014)
      The Danish neofolk/neoclassical act Parzival delivers a theatrical, cinematic and
      bombastic new album, in a so far unheard mixture of neoclassical, martial, neofolk, gothic, darkwave and Wagnerian
      art! On the new album Casta, Parzival have collaborated with several indian sikh folk musicians, which have given the album a big touch of Asian mystique. All lyrics are in 4 different languages: Russian, German, Latin and Sanskrit.
      01. Kalachakra
      02. Kurukshetra Purana
      03. Himagni Purana
      04. Airyanem Vaejah Purana
      05. Uttara Purana
      06. Navadi Purana
      07. Ayo Purana
      08. Rudra Purana
      09. Yavashtra Purana
      10. Andra Purana
      11. Regnabit

    dkk 120/eur 16