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    "Hitparade "

    Label: Hau Ruck (2016)

    One of the most controversial bands of the German Neofolk scene is finally releasing their debut CD on HauRuck! SPQR. Is this the end of the Neofolk - era or just another page?
    Let your CD player decide for you!
    Absolutely brilliant Neofolk Cover versions of tracks you would never have expected to hear in such versions! Featuring classics by a-ha, George Michael, Lana Del Ray, Miley Circus, Pat Benatar, Rihanna... and even a cover of Aqua’s ‘Barbie Girl’. Great Stuff!!!

    01 Pump up the Jam
    02 Careless Whisper
    03 Love is a Battlefield
    04 Take on Me
    05 Diamonds
    06 Barbie Girl
    07 Wrecking Ball
    08 What is Love
    09 Summertime Sadness
    10 Chandelier

    'Pump Up the Jam' originally performed by Technotronic
    'Careless Whisper' originally performed by George Michael
    'Love is a Battlefield' originally performed by Pat Benatar
    'Take on Me' originally performed by a-ha
    'Diamonds' originally performed by Rihanna
    'Barbie Girl' originally performed by Aqua
    'Wrecking Ball' originally performed by Miley Cyrus
    'What is Love' originally performed by Haddaway
    'Summertime Sadness' originally performed by Lana Del Rey
    'Chandelier' originally performed by Sia

dkk 120/eur 16