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    "Difficult To Kill"

    Difficult to kill? is the second single outtake of the current ?Torul? album ?The Measure?. Slovenian based ?Torul? who already proof their hit affinity with songs such as ?Try?, ?The Balance?, ?Waterproof Theme? or ?The Fall? bring us the ultimate summer hit single ?Difficult to kill?. The new single comes again with a massive high quality video which soon will be premiered! After the first single ?All? which reached position 1 of the german alternative charts (DAC) they once more proof that they can write charming electropop songs with massive hit potential! The physical CD release comes with 7 (!) songs also featuring the album hits ?The Balance? and ?Lonely Night? in all new versions! The ultimate package for all ?Torul? and electropop fans in general!

    01 Difficult To Kill (Single Video Edit)
    02 Difficult To Kill (Torulsson Remix)
    03 The Balance (Proteus Noir Remix)
    04 Lonely Night (Into The Knot Remix)
    05 Lonely Night (Torulsson Remix)
    06 Difficult To Kill (Kobayashii Remix)
    07 The Balance (Tom Wax Remix)

dkk 50/eur 7