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Suicide Commando
Mindstrip Redux
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      Broken Up
      "Soul Victim "

      Label: Shades Of Sound (2020)

      This album was ready to be released right during Covid9-Lockdown – and we are now finally able to present it to you. In my very personal opinion, one of the BEST ‘shoegaze/electro’-releases for AGES – accompanied by three HIGH CLASS videoclips (see below)!
      Preceeded by the digital Single “Long Long Long”, inspired by the poetic work of Lawrence Ferlinghetti (check out the ashtonishing video). From the strobo lights of Electropop and from the darkness of New Wave, Broken Up is born thanks to an idea of Dedo Panzera, added by Max Caselli, respectively bass- and guitar player of two legendary bands in the Italian Wave scene (Intelligence Dept. and Go Flamingo!). The two musicians are joined by the amazing (!) singer Chiara Boldrini and by Tom Lampronti on keyboards.
      The countless experiences and different musical influences find their synthesis in the band's overall work and this is how Broken Up knock on the door of independent music, ready to unhinge it. Check out the Clips!!!
      A1 Soul Victim A2 The Cage A3 Drifting away A4 With anyone else
      B1 Long Long Long B2 Vertical Lift of Angel B3 Govinda Gopala B4 The last Time

    dkk 120/eur 16