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Lebanon Hanover
Let Them Be Alien
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    Delphine Coma
    "Leaving The Scene"

    Label: Swiss Dark Nights (2018)

    Delphine Coma is a beautiful, comfortably unsettling, Post Punk / Coldwave project. Their combination of lush atmospheres and harsh noises create entrancing soundscapes that chill to the bone.

    Delphine Coma combines elements of electronic, shoegaze, dark ambient and minimal synth to create their own unique and entrancing sound. In their musical career Delphine Coma, and previous incarnations, have had the pleasure of sharing the stage or DJ'd along side bands such as: The Spiritual Bat, Lycia, Christian Death, Non, Switchblade Symphony, Collide, Spahn Ranch, Test Dept., Bella Morte, The Cruxshadows, Voltaire, Faith and Disease, Trance to the Sun and many many more. For fans of Hapax, She Past Away, Sisters Of Mercy and more.

    01. Touch
    02. We Never Sleep
    03. Moth Meets Flame
    04. Is This Forever
    05. Comatose
    06. Out Of My Head
    07. Beautiful Disaster
    08. Broken Glass
    09. Regret
    10. The End Is The Beginning Is The End

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